10 Puppy Raising Questions Answered

Article published in Dogs Life Magazine  Jan/Feb 2013

Want to make sure your new arrival is the best behaved puppy on the block? Dogs Life editor Laura Greaves reveals how to get your pup off to the best start.

Just as with children, raising a polite pooch begins from puppy hood.  Trainer Sam Lewis, from Adelaide’s Sherlock Bones says teaching your puppy how to behave the way you want should start from day one. Continue reading

Your Dog’s Social Network

Article published in Dogs Life Magazine  Nov/Dec 2012

Proper socialisation will help your dog learn to cope with anything life throws at him, writes Kate Potter.

Just like any other type of training, socialisation — exposing your four-legged friend to a wide range of situations, settings, animals and people — is something that is best started in puppyhood and continually practised throughout a dog’s life. Continue reading

Stop Dog Barking

Article published in Dogs Life Magazine  May/June 2012

Pipe Down!

Most of us like having a dog that barks when strangers approach our homes, but what happens when your dog barks non-stop and for no reason?

Being the owner of a dog that barks excessively is a sure-fire way to find yourself out of favour with your neighbours. Not only that, if your dog is disturbing the peace and quiet, you may be faced with warnings and fines from your local council. Continue reading